Issued Capital

The shares of Globe International Limited are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Limited under ticker code GLB. The Company was listed in May 2001. The issued capital of the Company is 41,463,818 ordinary shares.
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Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

Recent Announcements

Click on the following links to download the most recent ASX announcements:

18/09/2020 – Notice of 2020 AGM and related documents
18/09/2020 – Notice of General Meeting and related documents
18/09/2020 – Appendix 4G and 2020 Corporate Governance Statement
18/09/2020 – 2020 Annual Report
03/09/2020 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stephen Hill 
28/08/2020 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stephen Hill 
28/08/2020 – Date of the 2020 Annual General Meeting and Provisional Spill Meeting
20/08/2020 – Appendix 4E – Full Year Accounts FY2020
20/08/2020 – Company Announcement – Full Year Results FY2020
17/06/2020 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – William Crothers
15/06/2020 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stephen Hill
04/06/2020 – Announcements of Board Changes
09/04/2020 – Trading Update – COVID-19
25/02/2020 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stephen Hill
20/02/2020 – Company Announcement – Half Year Results 31 December 2019
20/02/2020 – Appendix 4D – Half Year Accounts 31 December 2019
06/11/2019 – Change of Director’s Interest Notice – Stephen Hill
05/11/2019 – Notice of Change in Substantial Holding
24/10/2019 – ASX Announcement 2019 AGM Results
24/10/2019 – CEO and Chair’s Addresses to Shareholders 2019
20/09/2019 – Notice of 2019 AGM and Proxy form
20/09/2019 – Appendix 4G and 2019 Corporate Governance Statement
20/09/2019 – 2019 Annual Report
27/08/2019 – Date of the 2019 Annual General Meeting
21/08/2019 – Appendix 4E – Full year statutory accounts FY2019
21/08/2019 – Company Announcement – Results for FY2019
21/02/2019 – Company Announcement – Half Year Results 31 Dec 2018
21/02/2019 – Appendix 4D – Half Year Accounts 31 Dec 2018
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Corporate Governance

Globe’s Board of Directors is responsible to shareholders for the performance of the Company. The Board is committed to a high level of governance and believes this supports the Company’s objective of maximizing shareholder returns. Details of the Company’s Corporate Governance Statement and related policies can be found below.
Corporate Governance Statement 2020
Board Charter 2020
Code of Conduct 2020
Continuous Disclosure Policies 
Share Trading Rules 2020
Risk Management Summary 2020
Globe Constitution
Globe Whistle Blower Policy


Shareholder Registry

Globe International Limited’s share registry is managed by Link Market Services Limited. Click here for the share registry’s contact details.

You Can Do So Much More Online

Did you know that you can access and even update information about your holdings in Globe International Limited via the internet? You can access your information securely online via our share registry website: using your Security holder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) as well as your surname (or company name) and postcode (must be the postcode recorded on your holding record). It’s fast and it’s easy. You can:

  • Check your current and previous holding balances
  • Choose your preferred annual report option
  • Update your address details
  • Update your bank details
  • Confirm whether you have lodged your TFN, ABN or exemption
  • Enter your email address and update your communications preferences
  • Subscribe to email announcements
  • Check transaction and dividend history
  • Check the share prices and graphs
  • Download a variety of instruction forms.

Tax File Numbers (TFN)

Globe is obliged to deduct tax from unfranked or partially franked dividends paid to shareholders registered in Australia who have not provided their TFN to Globe. A form for this purpose is available on the Link Market Services website at

Direct Credit of Dividend Payments

Dividend payments can be paid directly to a nominated Australian financial institution. Payments are electronically credited on the dividend payment date and confirmed by payment advices mailed directly to the shareholder’s registered address. A form for this purpose is available on Link Market Services website

Don’t Miss Out On Your Dividends

Dividend cheques that are not banked are required to be handed over to the State Trustee under the Unclaimed Monies Act, so you are reminded to bank cheques immediately. Better still, why not have us bank your dividend payments for you? How would you like to have immediate access to your dividend payments? Your dividend payments can be credited directly into any nominated bank, building society or credit union account in Australia. Not only can we do your banking for you, dividends paid by direct credit can reach your account as cleared funds, allowing you to access them on the payment date.



William Crothers Chairman and Non-Executive Independent Director
Stephen Hill Executive Director and Founder
Peter Hill Executive Director and Founder

Corporate Officers

Matt Hill Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Moelands Chief Financial Officer
Gerhard Correa Company Secretary

Principal Registered Office

1 Fennell Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Share Registry

Link Market Services Limited
Level 13, Tower 4
727 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


2 Riverside Quay
Southbank VIC 3006

Stock Exchange Listings

Globe International Limited shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange Ticker: GLB